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What a way to end the year - or start the year?

First Night Monterey New Year's Eve
Fields of Eden with The Wowettes

The band was filled with energy and excitement looking out into the crowd of over 300 people on New Year's Eve - two shows - and a packed house both shows. What a way to start our journey together. We are only three months old playing together and having the time of our lives. Our chemistry, joy and enthusiasm about playing music together really shows. The Wowettes featuring Amber Guzman and Nicole Dillenberg are just plain groovin' and really gets the audiences going. Super talented, together we can make some pretty fun magic. We really appreciate all the support of so many people, photographers, Ellen Martin, soundman Larry Viales, so many volunteers who make it all happen. Looking forward to booking lots more shows this year 2019 - thank you Lord for the joy this band gives me!

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