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'Twas a Jolly Merry Christmas! 12-26-18

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

The highlight for my Christmas this year was my daughter, Jazmyn, and her beau Craig, coming to see us. She is the ray of sunshine and brightens any room she enters with her chipperness. She arrived late at San Jose airport and the next morning we were on the radio singing holiday tunes on 101.1FM thanks to David Marzetti and Mike Marotta (you can see that on my Facebook page). The Wowettes (Amber & Nicole) are truly a magnificent addition to the band. God really does work in mysterious ways - I could have auditioned hundreds of people for years and years and never find the combination we have right now, and I didn't even have to try.

My Tech Princess

Jazmyn and Craig surprised me with a new laptop (which I badly needed)! Many of the letters were worn off the keyboard and Jazmyn helped me put together this entire new website. I'm impressed - are you? I'm hoping you like the format and want to thank webmaster Gary Bryant for all of his help for years to maintain the old one website which was quite a feat. It wasn't easy but we were consistent. I'm hoping this new website and newsletter will reach many who had told me they were no longer receiving it. I had so many recipients that some servers saw me as spam and I landed in junk mail. So, that being said, If you would do me a favor and write me back on my contact page or leave a comment so I know you are receiving and let me know what you think.

Thanks for taking a moment to peruse the new website - I hope you will come out to a show and catch the cool concerts whenever you can. We really can't survive without you. Your being there helps keep it viable and the musicians really appreciate it.

Planet Gemini is working on changing its name - and website. In the meantime, they are now doing Open Mics on Thursday nights from 7-9pm so try out your new songs there. Every weekend there are really wonderful performers and an excellent listening room in the front of Planet Gemini called the Fireside Lounge. The Wowettes will be there on Dec. 29 from 7-9pm followed by the new group "Cider" on the main stage and you will be tempted to dance as I will be playing bass and hope I can thump you to the dance floor.

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