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Save Me From Being Junk 1-3-19

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

What a swell new year this has already started out to be! Great promising new gigs - I mean GREAT - and I appreciate making $$ playing music more than anything. Once I sign the papers, I'll share the news. Some people stop to tell me they stopped receiving my newsletters so that is why Jazmyn gifted me a new website: to see if we had more success in reaching over 4000 people who signed up to receive my newsletter as well as the 4000 friends on facebook! I don't think we are suppose to have so many friends. It's hard to be a good friend when there's too many. Lots of data to take in. Anyway, to make sure you continue receiving my newsletters, please add my email to your address book, or mark as important, or drag my emails to your priority inbox. If my emails ever end up in your spam folder, please mark “not spam”. And of course if you no longer want to receive my newsletters with important updates on health, fitness, and fat loss, I will be sad to see you go, but you can unsubscribe here.

PPS - Connect with me and leave a comment or two on my social media...

PPPS - a most gracious thank you to Gary Bryant who helped me for years with my complicated website that interfaced with venues and calendars - it was quite a feat and he was elemental in getting my eblasts out to you weekly. I'm hoping I can manage this myself but that stands to be seen!

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