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Life Changes Overnight

Now that my newsletter has changed format - I wonder how many people bother to go a little deeper to read my newsletter - if you have, it was worth it. I think its just hard to have anyone's attention for longer than 2 minutes so I thank you.

Good News - I got hired to play every Saturday starting in February at Traps Bar at Inn at The Spanish Bay playing solo. I'm really excited about this - and thank Linda Arceo for recommending me. Please come by (if you're up late, like 9PM-midnight) - I'll be singing my little heart out.

Planet Gemini Update - The new Owner is going to shut the doors for February so he can paint and renovate and transform the venue to The Jade Lounge! We musicians are so excited we have a new venue to share music and dance the night away. Last 3 shows there are THIS SATURDAY 1/19 featuring International Songwriters Showcase - come hear their new songs and stories - I just love an accent. Also, 1/25 is Laura Dare in the front room and The Eldorados in the Main Stage Room and this will be a fantastic night. Tell your friends.

I'll be in touch as the news presents itself. Thanks for your support - yer pal, Kiki Wow

9pm - 12am - Come and Mingle Till You Tingle
Catch Kiki Wow Live Every Saturday Night

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