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Happy Anniversary Baby...

2 Years of Marriage - 14 years of a long distance relationship - 3 kids - a blind dog - and cat and here we are! Being in the music business is already hard - we really didn't think it through to retirement but I gotta say, its been a most enjoyable journey with all of the musicians I've had the honor to practice and perform with. There are so many people to thank that made our wedding happen - it could've gone on another 14 years but everything lined up for us and it was totally with the help of our friends. A water aerobics friend let us use her gorgeous garden to get married in, another let us use her timeshare in Maui (we got Maui'd), the others in water class made appetizers, Eduber catered it with the most incredible menu, Shana Batlin made the cake, Jo Gough took the pro photos, our music students played as well as every great player invited, Larry the Pastor was Greg's long time best friend did the ceremony, Wes Kelley sang/played our first song/dance and made special cards for people to take with them. Our dear friend, Robin, gave us the flowers so artfully done... everyone pitched in - we will never forget how much fun it truly was.

I'm trying to share photos but there are so many it takes so long. I'll try to share a few. This 2nd year the calendar says we should buy each other cotton - so Greg got me sheets, really nice ones - and I got him a John Deere mobile (its the truck that picks the cotton) and we had a nice day together remembering the most precious day to us. Thanks everyone for your warm and loving wishes. It really does sustain us.

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