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Everything's Coming Up Roses

I wrote a song with the above title - its about a woman who's life seems to crumble all around her but she only sees that 'everything's coming up roses' - and the harmonies on this song are just fabulous. The Wowettes and I are recording the harmonies on it tomorrow night and I'm so excited to share it with you. I do my best to help others get there music out there and often put other people's projects before my own. Then God blessed me with Amber Guzman and Nicole Dillenberg who sang at my birthday Audiobiography show and now I never want to sing without them.

I have some friends suffering right now with medical conditions that are too heavy to discuss. But they can't ignore what's happening to them. Some of them songwriters and it aches to not be able to play. All I know to do for them is to lift them up in prayer and ask the Good Lord to comfort them and heal them. Faith is a spiritual muscle we have to keep in shape now and for the future. It helps me stay aligned with the title - that everything IS coming up roses. Bless you Wes and Annette and rest in peace dear Jess.

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