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Love Requires Discipline

The new year has some new goals in store for me. I really want to be a little kinder to myself when I look in the mirror. I've always seemed to love my neighbor more than myself. My goal for self-love is to get more fit and even though I work out 5-6 times a week, I think my body has acclimated to a hectic schedule. As the years pass, my metabolism has slowed down and I don't seem to be burning calories like I use to.

Always seems to start with a new year's resolution - I smoked cigarettes for ten years and quit; I smoked pot for even more years and quit; I drank socially for just as many years and put that aside as well. Occasionally I will have a glass of wine but I quit everything so I could have the willpower to lose weight. So it is my focus this year to lose 25-30 pounds by September. I thought I would be able to for my wedding but it didn't happen. But its definitely time for me to take control of this one stubborn area of my life.

Another area of change I hope to obtain is learning to play harmonica with my guitar and getting better at my ukulele. I think I can achieve all of these things with less time on the computer and more time doing physical things. As soon as it stops raining....

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