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All You Need Is Love

I'm His Sugarplum and He's My Man

Well - just as I start my diet - Chocolate Day rolls around just to see what I'm made of - dear Lord help me! I'm suffering right now - in that place of wanting change, doing the work, but not quite seeing the results yet bedywise. In some area there is progress - like Music - really happy to be co-producing with Vocal Coach Anne Burleigh again and this time a Valentine's Day showcase of super vocalists. We had a dress rehearsal over the weekend and I had to hold back tears (of joy) several times - its really so good - and will fill you with joy. You don't need someone to go with, its a beautiful show presented with so much love - you'll feel it for sure. The admission includes the show, food and wine/refreshments so we think its a good deal considering our first two shows at Hidden Valley were free and filled to capacity. We are doing two shows so everyone can be up close and personal and half of the proceeds are going to the CV Community Church. I've been thinking a lot about our political climate and it is charged with so much hate I can hardly listen to the news anymore. I saw this really funny video about - politically correctness to death - to Bohemian Rhapsody - beautifully sung by Dan Voils - truly excellent depiction of our sorry sad condition of communication. We do need more love - how do we love deeper? I'm gonna investigate the possibilities. Enjoy - I do LOVE YOU. Yer pal, Kiki Wow

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