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Talent Booking

I   I recently had the pleasure of working with Kiki Wow for a Multicultural Day Event at Monterey Peninsula College.  My name is Davis Mendez. I am the Entertainment Director of MPC’s Activities Council. With short notice, possibly two-week notice, I was asked to find musicians and artists for the event. I was unsure of how it would turn out considering the time restraints. But then I was magically referred to Kiki.

     Kiki is incredibly considerate and has the sense of urgency one needs in tough situations. She handled everything professionally. She kept me up to date with the progress on the musicians, whether or not they would be able to play. If a musician could not make it, she had another equally talented and experienced musician to take their place. Even though I was running around frantically, Kiki always kept her cool and was full of great resources and advice. She responds to e-mails and phone calls within a timely manner, and is in control even when you feel you are not. But as long as you hand things over to Kiki it’s smooth sailing.

     The event was a blast. The musicians arrived on time, and played beautifully. People really liked the wide variety of artists that worked with Kiki. We were well received by faculty, administration and students alike. And not one twist or bump on the road to the end of the event. It went by swimmingly.

She is a very caring individual. This is something I gathered from several of our interactions. It’s like she wants your event to succeed as much as, or even more, than host of the event. She is that dedicated. 


   Believe me when I say that if you find yourself in a tight jam like I did then there is no one better to handle your entertainment needs than Kiki Wow. Hire this woman and save yourself the headache. 

I cannot recommend her enough.


Davis Mendez 

Senator of Humanities (Associated Students of MPC)

Entertainment Director (Activities Council)

(831) 884 - 8677

Emcee & Master of Ceremony

One of the most difficult things I have accomplished in Life was to get my Distinguished Toastmaster DTM credentials through Toastmasters International Public Speaking Club.  It took me 9 years but I was finally able to achieve its coveted status by starting a club at Warner Bros. and getting 20 people to do what they were deathly afraid of and now it is an internationally recognized club!  Now that's worth toasting to!  I finally feel very comfortable in front of an audience and enjoy the experience more than anything.  Enthusiasm is the key to public speaking.
If you need someone to facilitate your next meeting, program, event, fashion show, personal growth seminar, just send me an email with your event date and pertinent information. 
You may reach me at 831-235-7662
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