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About Me

Music is my Life - I can't remember doing anything else.  I write songs about whatever happens in life, whatever moves me.  My songs are an audiobiography of everything I tried to understand in a lifetime.  I listen to nature's sounds around me and try and imitate those sounds.  (I have a bird, horse and donkey down pretty well)!


I also promote many other artists who have great melodies and stories to share.  I have booked over 300 bands while in the Monterey Peninsula at many different venues, festivals, private events and house concerts.  I really enjoy music of all styles and audiences of all ages.


I have quite a 'wow' story myself and have written hundred songs which comes pretty easy to me.  I play guitar, bass, ukuele and drums if you'll let me.  I have a great cover band called Fields of Eden featuring Steve Snider (Lead Guitar), Greg Edenfield (Drums), Mark Whittington (Bass), myself on Lead Vocals and Guitar and the Wowettes: Amber Guzman and Nicole Dillenberg.  We play timeless favorite cover songs that audiences love.  The feedback keeps us doing it and being with the band is just plain fun.

I love bringing people together by putting on cool events, house concerts, music festivals because it transcends race, religion, politics and anything that divides us.  I have personally experienced over and again, the rich and deep connection people feel when they are enjoying a great song and stories of the road and the true stories of troubadour travelers down this musical highway.  Yes, this is my passion.



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