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A WORD FROM KIKI WOW:  Music is my Life - I can't remember doing anything else.  I write songs about whatever happens in life, whatever moves me.  I listen to everything around me and try and imitate those sounds.  I promote a lot of other artists who have some great tunes and put on house concerts for them to share stories of the road and life experiences.  I have quite a story myself and have hundreds of songs., some even landed in independent films.  Songwriting comes pretty easy to me and I absolutely love when my "Wowettes" sing three part harmony on these catchy originals.  


I play guitar and bass - and drums if you'll let me.  I love bringing people together for music since it transcends race, religion, politics and anything that divides us.  I have personally experienced over and again the rich and deep connection people have when they are enjoying a great song and stories of the road from travelers down this musical highway called life.  I love teaching people guitar and ukulele lessons and planting seeds of love for music.   Music is definitely my passion and expression of what's deep in my heart and soul.  Inspiration creates and I'm just there with a guitar in hand for when it happens, always ready.


Kiki Wow is currently recording her fourth CD with professional Mix Engineer Greg Edenfield 
Kiki performs regularly performs with her Classic Favorite Classic Rock & Country Hits Band FIELDS OF EDEN.  Kiki also performs solo at various local wineries, clubs, coffeehouses, art galleries, private parties and weddings; and you can even hire her to write songs for a loved one or special event.

Musician. Recording Artist, Songwriter
      Teacher, Public Speaker, Author

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Two Wine Cups


Kiki is fun and funny. She makes everyone laugh! You can tell her band is having a good time.  I enjoy all of her live concerts - both solo and with the whole band, and I've hired her for corporate events and guests love to sing along, dance along and shower her with praise, gifts and tips. 


Kiki IS the true essence of Carmel Valley, Monterey and all Central Coast. She's always up for any gig, whether it's performing, booking, playing, jamming.  Her voice, whether covers or original songs, are magically enchanting and her tranquil aura of peace and love and happiness puts a smile on everyone's face and love in their heart.


Whatever event you have in mind, I would call her FIRST. She will make it happen. You and your guests will love it!

Biz Eischen - Tasting Room Manager – Carmel Valley TESTAROSSA Winery

PS:  Kiki is reliable, dependable, conscientious, professional, presentable, friendly, talented, passionate but those words are kinda boring. 

Two Wine Cups


I was thrilled and overjoyed to have Kiki Wow perform at my wedding reception. She is not only amazing singer and guitar player, she is a true entertainer. She interacts with her audience, tells jokes and generally makes everyone listening part of the experience. I had a lot of people who did not know each other, but when they sat and listened to Kiki, they were comfortable and felt included. She even got my husband to dance with me and he doesn't dance! She is a MUST have for every event I have in the future.

Bride, Margo Vermilyer 

Two Wine Cups

Highlands 100.7FM Australia

Kiki Wow's "Back To Nature" release is so full of genres that it is hard to categorize.   But why bother?  This is a venture that Kiki pulls off well; her voice and arrangements MAKE this an album that sneaks up on you, grabs your subconscious and remains with you.  WE NEED to hear more of Kiki Wow!

Tony Bates, DJ

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